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A Trusted And Respected Name In The Specialist Security Business
and providing security for the Entertainment Industry.

A Message From The Managing Director

Since 1999 Clearwater Special Projects has been a name synonymous with the Specialist Security business.

Our brand of security excellence and international reputation is now part of a global identity of trust that focuses on new levels of security professionalism.

We are strictly dedicated to Executive VIP security services and the Entertainment Industry. We understand that priority and exclusive VIP security services is much needed and the demand for professionalism and trust in now unprecedented.

For decades the protection of talent was a primary function of the Executive and Close Protection business. Whilst this is still a vital service, modern day trading has created a much higher demand for security across all platforms of the film and television business. Protection of film stock, safe and secure script delivery, film set protection and protection of crew and key personnel has become not just a business want but a business need. Modern day piracy has changed the whole scope of the entertainment business and protecting a film brand is a specialist area all of its own.

Film set protection to allow safe and effective use of timelines and budgets can be extremely challenging where economics and politics play a part. Once locations have been determined for production there maybe many advance security planning considerations to ensure that logistical challenges do not impose upon deadlines that will restrict optimum use of talent and crew.

Across the entertainment sector, sport plays a considerable role with security considerations not just for the smooth running of a primary event but for the protection of those key personalities as well.

Historically the protection of sporting personalities directly was a rare service. Now, sports personalities have global recognition from branding endorsement to worldwide appearances. Protection of those global icons requires far more than a Close Protection presence. Protection of their assets such as their property when they are out of the country is now a need. Advance security planning with correct accreditation for sports personalities and their key personnel requires logistical planning of its own, providing licensed and trusted security is crucial. We provide an exclusive service to the VIP sector and we are only engaged in those areas. From the protection of key individuals to a full red carpet service to unique VIP events, Clearwater Special Projects has taken a proven lead of excellence that you can trust.

If you would like to speak with us please do so, our contact details are at the top of this page, all enquiries are in the very strictest of confidence.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you every support in business.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Horak
Managing Director

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